• Writer: Michael C. Prokop (Artist Pgs. 1-23, 29-31)
  • Artist: Marie Tary (24-28, 32-Current)
  • Colorist: Michael C. Prokop
  • Lettering: Michael C. Prokop
  • Edited by: Michael Prokop and Marie Tary
  • Based on Starship Moonhawk™ Created By: Michael C. Prokopd
Cast of Characters:
  • Name: Milea (Cobalt)
  • Pay Grade: Lieutenant Commander
  • Age: 32 Earth Years
  • Species: Earthian/Mercadian Hybrid
  • Specialty: Covert Action, studied sciences extensively
  • Milea: the primary focus of the series. She served in both the Zendosian Space Force and the Mercadian Militia ever since she was 12 years old. She has both human and felinoid ancestry and seems to have inherited the best attributes of both species. Her exotic beauty is enhanced by her incredible blue eyes, a trait not found amongst her felinoid ancestors. She inherited her almost natural command ability from her father as well as his keen insight and perception. Perfect attributes for a born leader. While she is a generally positive person, she also posesses a peculiar cynicism and razor sharp wit that keeps everyone on their toes. She has a great deal of field experience for her realtive youth.
  • Name: Ael Delenaria
  • Pay Grade: Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CWO4)
  • Age: Approx 70 Earth Years
  • Species: Elfinian
  • Specialty: Tactical/Weapons
  • Ael Delenaria has had a long and distinguished career in the United States Navy and has served her entire adult life in the military. She and Milea are very close in spite of their age difference and served together for the common interests of her world and Milea's. Ael and Milea met after being recruited into Rear Admiral Macia Paladin's Covert Operation's Division, a ultra-secret arm of Naval Intelligence designed for deep penetration into enemy territory by a coordinated effort. Ael left Covert Ops after her two sons were killed in the Two Decade War. After 15 years, the two are reunited aboard the Moonhawk while Milea is awaing her first assignment. Milea selects Ael to act as her advisor and second-in-command during the 'LAINI Affair' and Ael is Milea's most trusted advisor, regardless of the fact that Delenaria is outranked by several of the other officers on Milea's staff. She has three daughters, all of whom were made to swear an oath that they will not join the military until they have birthed and raised their children to adulthood, thus breaking the Delenaria tradition of military service at the earliest possible age. Also of note: Ael has a very unpleasant scar extending almost from her groin to her temple on her right side. She was almost killed by a Chotan warrior in a hand-to-hand struggle during the Chotan War that ended in 2941. She refuses to get an ocular implant for her missing right eye, nor will she allow the doctors to repair the scar tissue from the massive incision. Why she chooses to mar her exceptional beauty this way is unknown to all but Ael Delenaria.
  • Name: Mmerrl
  • Pay Grade: Lieutenant
  • Age: 32 (Mercaidan*)
  • Species: Mercadian
  • Specialty: Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Mmerrl was Milea's second-in-command of the group of Mercadian spies the Zendosian Space Force referred to as "The Furball Squad". After the war between the Zendosian Union and the Kral'Tik Imperium ended, Mmerrl and crew found themselves without active commissions and responded immediately to Milea's call for assistance. Unsure of their standing, Mmerrl plays it safe and let's Milea deal with their superiors at Naval Command. He is somewhat suspicious of the Alliance due mainly to the fact that he sees all outside influence on Mercaid as possible oppression. The Kral'Tik occupation of Mercaid was brutal, and Mmerrl carries that memory from his childhood with him. He is considerably older than Milea as Mercadian years are longer than Earth years and was a young cub when Admiral Cobalt was stranded on Mercaid. If not for the fact that Cobalt saved the Mercadian species from starvation and extinction at the hands of the Kral'tik, he would not trust Humans at all. Mmerrl is fiercely protective of Milea in an almost fraternal way.
  • Name: Shasta
  • Pay Grade: Master Chief
  • Age: 45 (Mercadian*)
  • Species: Mercadian
  • Specialtie s: Crypto, Linguistics
  • Secondary Specialty: Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Shasta is the consummate NCO. Her attention to detail and duty is why she is ideally suited to her job, be it breaking an enemy code or deciphering an alien tongue unknown to all but the aliens themselves. As with most "old salt" NCO's, she has a low BS threshold when dealing with inexperienced officers and constantly toes the line of insubordination with Ensign Misha, the group's science's expert. Shasta is a hearty soul with an artistic flair. She can often be found painting in her spare time as well as enjoying classical music from the galaxy over.
  • Name: Misha
  • Pay Grade: Ensign
  • Age: 21 (Mercadian*)
  • Species: Mercadian
  • Specialty: Sciences
  • Misha is new to the "Furball Squad" and has now found herself to be a patriot without a flag to call her own. Since all Mercadians were required upon reaching maturity to join the Mercadian Militia or the Reserves, Misha signed up and fought her way quickly through the ranks to become an officer. (Mercadian Militia do not have an academy for training officers. Officers are chosen from the ranks.) Her naturally inquisitive nature, as well as her analytical mind made the perect markings of a science officer. While the Mercadian Militia had no need of such an officer, The Zendosian Space Forces did, and immediately snapped her up. She continues in her original capacity with now Commander Milea in the US Navy. Her youthful impertinence and inexperience causes some friction between her and Master Chief Shasta.
  • Names: Kress and Kheggan
  • Pay Grade: Petty Officer First Class (PO1)
  • Ages: 28 and 29 (Mercadian*)
  • Species: Mercadian
  • Specialties: Communications (Kress) and Small Arms/Demolitions (Kheggan)
  • Inseperable brothers and simultaneously experts in the ability to blow things up if they cannot communicate with it. More to be revealed as the story progresses.

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